Simplicity Meets Power

Our philosophy is to embrace the fact that we don't know everything you need in a framework. Starting with Yverdon, our PHP 5 flavor, we are setting new bars for extensibility and simplicity. Let us know what you think!

City City City

Template System for Happy Designers

We know all too well the tension that can arise between designers and programmers on a project. Designers never know what they can fiddle with and programmers never respect proper design. Regardless of your stance on the issue, our template engine helps minimize the amount of time you have to spend working with the other faction.

  • Simple implementation of shorthand PHP for easy learning curve
  • Aliases reduce the amount of reused markup, good for any project
  • When used with the sponsored cache extension, file system and Memcache caching are supported

Small Footprint for Speed

Some people say that size matters, and we agree. That's why Yverdon packs a punch despite being well under 1mb on disk. Don't be fooled though, as we've packed a few surprises into the system to keep things interesting!

  • Default installation is under 500kb on disk with all sponsored extensions and a default theme
  • Memcache support through the sponsored cache extension provides a fast and reliable way to cache your data

Highly Extensible for More Control

If we knew or were able to build everything we knew you wanted we would do so happily. We won't though, so we made Yverdon extremely easy to extend and modify.

  • Extension system allows for one file to completely change how the system works (like MVC?)
  • Most of Yverdon is actually just sponsored extensions built by the core development team

A Few Projects Using the N2 Framework

  • Liberty Revolution

    View Site

    Liberty Revolution is a new search site being built using C#, PHP and the N2 Framework. The themed site is still under heavy early development.

  • The Zibings Network

    View Site

    The Zibings Network is building it's beta version using a prototype of N2F Rupley, the ASP.NET version of N2F. The site will serve as a single sign-on environment for multiple upcoming Zibings projects and is written in C# and .NET 3.5 SP1.


    Already Here

    N2F's site is currently running Yverdon v0.2. Of course, you expected that didn't you.

System Requirements

  • Operating System:
    Any! Thanks to PHP we haven't yet found an OS that doesn't run Yverdon
  • Harddisk
    Less than 500kb of drive space required for the default installation of Yverdon
  • PHP Version
    Yverdon requires PHP v5.1 or higher to work
  • Database Engines
    MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite are currently supported with more on the way in v0.3